Harman Phoenix 200 135 36 Exposure Colour Film


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HARMAN Phoenix 200 is a brand-new ISO 200 colour negative film with a real 'analogue' look and feel! Like the mythical Phoenix, this new film represents hope, rebirth, and transformation. It signals the start of a new legacy for HARMAN and the beginning of an nexciting new chapter for one of the world's largest photographic film manufacturers.

As their first colour film, it is not without some quirks, however, it is a signal of intent for the business with sales from this film being used to refine and improve their formulations, coating capabilities and colour technology. The aim is that each new HARMAN colour film will be an improvement on the previous.

What to expect
Strong visible grain.
Punchy colours that can react differently depending on scanner settings.
Strong greens, good reds, and vibrant blues.
Some coating anomalies.

Getting the best out of HARMAN Phoenix 200
Shoot in good, consistent light.
Get ypur exposure correct.
Works well for most subjects but...
Works best for scenes and subjects that fills the frame.

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