Bresser Observation Camera


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Capture that one special moment in glorious detail on camera. A video of a flock of deer running through the forest or a snap of that bear or wolf exploring. Of course, you will need some help from mother nature and a little bit of luck, but when the moment occurs this Nedis® wildlife camera will be ready to preserve the memory forever. During the daytime and at night this camera will give you amazing wildlife pictures.

It activates and turns off automatically, ensuring your batteries last a very long time and that the camera can be on stand-by for months.

16 MP with increased daytime motion detection of 20m (Night time 15m)
HD Video (1080p 30fps)
Fitted with CMOS 5mp image chip
Viewing Angle 108 degree
Detector angle 120 degree
Fitted with Black (No-Glow) IR

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