DSLR/ Cameras VS Smartphone cameras.

In a social world where we see pictures every minute on social media, why should you buy a camera when you have the technical capability to easily take a picture on your smartphone and directly send it anywhere you want? The argument of DSLR cameras vs smartphones has been an ongoing debate for years comparing convenience to capability. 


It goes without saying that the smartphone has become an everyday essential and provides both entertainment and information at our fingertips. So why invest in a camera? Well there are certain functions that surprisingly your smartphone still can’t provide that a camera can. Firstly, the novelty of a camera does not fade, the feeling of holding a DSLR in your hands feels abruptly different from holding your smartphone. 

Secondly, a camera's system settings have a higher functionality than the standard ‘auto’ setting of your smartphone's integrated camera(s). Changing the aperture to perfectly capture the light is something that your phone may not be able to do as well as a DSLR camera can. A DSLR’s settings can be adjusted to take pictures of long exposure shots and equally changed to a fast shutter speed to perfectly capture something in motion without blurring the image. Quite simply, a DSLR camera has a higher function capability than a smartphone.

Photo prints

Some cameras like the Fujifilm instax mini have printing integrated within the camera itself, giving you instant nostalgic polaroids with just one click of a button. In recent years we’ve seen the polaroid increase in popularity, especially when it comes to decorating university rooms, personalising gifts or just posting on social media. There are accessories that allow smartphones to print photos, but these often cost just as much as a camera built for this purpose. 


When it comes to lenses smartphones have increased their capability over the years, adding panoramic and wide angle modes to their various options . However, they still can not compete with the selection of lenses and filters that are available to a DSLR user. A camera can have a macro (micro) lens attached to capture even the tiniest moment, these types of images would be lost on a smartphone device. While smartphones have developed astounding built in lenses in recent years with accessories to change lenses, they still aren’t able to compete with professional camera equipment. This in part is because a smartphone camera is just an extension of the uses within a smartphone, whereas camera equipment has been developed and refined for one sole purpose. 

So why choose a camera?

In summary, the smartphone camera has accomplished a lot since its invention back in the early 2000’s, mainly convenience. These days smartphone cameras provide ease of use and quick digital images which can be shared on social platforms and with contacts with just a few clicks. But a camera still holds a special place of nostalgia, 100% control over the outcome of an image and also a range of accessories to enhance each photo to your required specifications. Contact Greens Photo Centre on 01422 368686 to find out more information about our DSLR collection, for the moment our collection is not available online.

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