Olympus OM-System Zuiko Macro Auto 80mm f/4


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  • This is one of the second generation of bellows macro lenses for the Olympus OM system and was first produced in 1980. Like the other second-generation lenses, this one has an automatic diaphragm and a focusing helicoid to assist fine focusing.This lens is intended for use with the Auto Bellows or the Telescopic Auto Tube 65–116; its built-in focusing helicoid can only be used for fine-focusing, and the rear of the lens extends beyond the bayonet lens mount, so it is not possible to mount the lens directly on a camera. The inclusion of a focusing helicoid means that this lens can also be used on extension tubes; the shortest combination that allows an image to be brought into focus is 7 mm + 25 mm.When used with the Auto Bellows, the Double Cable Release is needed to activate the automatic diaphragm.
  • Metal Mount
  • Condition Good

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