Olympus OM-SYSTEM ZUIKO AUTO-MACRO 20mm F2 Wide Lens


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  • This is one of the second generation of bellows macro lenses for the Olympus OM system and was first produced around 1980. Like the other second-generation lenses, this one has an automatic diaphragm and a focusing helicoid to assist fine focusing. Olympus was the first manufacturer to introduce high-magnification macro lenses with automatic diaphragms.

    The lens is designed for magnifications between 4.2× and 16×. It has the standard OM bayonet, and when used with the Telescopic Auto Tube 65–116, the available magnifications range from 6.8× to 9.5×. When used with the Auto Bellows, the available magnifications range from 5.3× to 13.6×; the Double Cable Release is needed to close the diaphragm. It can also be used with the Auto Extension Tubes.

    The short working distance (18–20 mm) can make it difficult to light the subject, and so the front part of lens is tapered and stepped to help prevent the lens from blocking the light.

    It has a 49mm filter mount set back from the front of the lens (so you cannot use it for filters) that is used for the special screw-in lens cap, and to which you can attach the T10 Ring Flash 1 and the mounting ring for the T-28 Macro Flash 1. The T8 Ring Flash 2 is not suitable, because of the short working distance of this lens.

    This lens was introduced around 1980 and replaced the Zuiko Macro 20mm f/3.5 lens, which was slower, had a manual diaphragm, and had an RMS screw thread instead of the standard OM bayonet.

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